• Exploring the essentials of the perfect childcare set-up

    Exploring the essentials of the perfect childcare set-up

    Statistics indicate that by the year 2001, more than half of the number of children in the United States was attending childcare institutions.14 years on, the figures are still rising steadily. The last decade has been a real eye opener into the advantages of institutions such as http://www.kidsrkidspreschool.com in the development of children. Parents are realizing that even though mentoring kids at the home helps the process of growth and development, childcare essentials are only realistically prevalent in institutions. To compound that, various studies have come to the fore, with their results revealing that children who have access to care facilities have massively superior scores in different aspects of life. At Kids R Kids especially, there is a heavy emphasis on various facets of development. This post is an analysis of the essentials of childcare as exemplified by the academy.

    Training of childcare professionals

    Teachers and tutors generally spend more time with a child than the parent does. This essentially means that such a professional is expected to mold the children into an all-round person by using tested and proven methods conversant with the dictates of the education system. At Kids R Kids, this is epitomized in the rigorous vetting of those about to be bestowed the responsibility of care over kids. These people must be trained in the concepts of child development. They must have the ability to break the existing barriers between children and adults and infiltrate the minds of these young children. A thoroughly baked professional knows how to inculcate positive ideas into the minds of children without having to strain. The solutions to barriers need to be simple, practical and right up the alley of growing children. There should always be a heavy emphasis on what the child needs to learn, first as an individual, then as a social person capable of fitting within circles. While group dynamics are encouraged, there needs to be a heavy lean towards a personalized approach to childcare.

    Social integrationIMG_6393

    Experts have it that children who grow up exclusively in the environment of the home are more likely to experience complexities in relating with others, solving problems and generally fitting into social situations where group dynamics exist and conformity to laws is expected. At the core of childcare lies an important aspect and that is socialization. Childcare institutions generally have a good idea on how to merge genders, ages and races. The end result is a child who fast grows into the ways of society. Such a child is able to understand why things may not always go their way. They learn to accept dismissal and rejection in many ways. Children realize that in situations where groups are involved, it is not always easy to walk away with what they want. There is an awareness of those around and a realization that other people matter. From social integration, an approach to conflicts is designed and perfected. If a child loses a pen to a friend who mistakes it for theirs, the resolution process helps both parties learn that things will not always be what they look like and more importantly, that conflicts can be solved amicably. Children who do not attend daycare are not only more likely to get into fights, but they are also predisposed to violent reactions and emotional buildup.


    Education thrives within the context of discipline. The methods adopted ensure that children are able to say no to their base desires from an early age. There is an emphasis on self-control in all situations. Children are left in controlled situations and monitored. This way, institutions are able to nurture the ability to make decisions that are not destructive. This approach is very important as it plays a monumental role later in life. Adults can only exercise self-discipline if it was established and enforced in childhood. Decisions such as walking away from confrontational situations, choosing a job over the other and dedicating time to personal and group projects need a level of restraint and a dedication to remain disciplined.

    Childcare essentials form the basis of development of a child right from the time they are toddlers up to when they can reason critically and make small steps towards autonomy. Kids R Kids is one of the leading enforcers of these ideals around the country.